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This new job had better be interesting, or else…

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As I type this, it just struck me how this was also the first of Sidney Sheldon’s books I had read. It was in my SS 1 or 2 class, that boredom drove me to borrowing the book from a class mate who had been reading it for about three weeks. It was so voluminous that I only intended to glance through it. So, I began to read, but not from the beginning. Do I need to tell you that I ran back to the beginning to read afresh?

And so, one day while I was savouring every line in the book with my head bent over on my desk, the principal walked unannounced into my classroom, and before saying anything else, asked to see what book I was reading (I was seated in the most conspicuous seat in class- middle column, first row). My heart nearly jumped out, for you see, I innocently happened to be on a page where Sidney was describing a sizzling-hot romance scene. I handed the book over to him. He turned a few pages and smiled smugly, causing my heart to race even faster, before lifting it up to let the whole class see:

“This is the kind of book you should read. Books that would develop your vocabulary,” he advised the class, “not Mills and Boon. I read books like this as a student. Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham…”

This is the best Sidney Sheldon book I have read, and I am almost sure it trumps all the others I haven’t read.

Not many authors can keep you hooked for the number of pages this book is worth.

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