Vote Me For The Nigerian Blog Awards 2013

It’s because you went all out to nominate me that I was shortlisted in the Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog category of the Nigerian Blog Awards 2013.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Voting began on the 11th of November and will run through until December 8, 2013, shortly after which a winner will be announced.

If I needed your support in the past, I need it even more now. Here’s how you can support me:

Simply click here:, enter your name and email address and then select krazan.tgc in the Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog category. Just like A-B-C, no? (Please make sure to click the link on a confirmatory email which may be sent to you if you weren’t part of the nomination stage, in order to validate your vote).

Let’s finish this good work we’ve started. You know the drill. I’d appreciate if you got at least, one other person to vote for me. I’m counting on you.

Thank you.


Nominate Me For The Nigerian Blog Awards

Hello people,

It’s the Nigerian Blog Awards 2013, and nominations have long begun.  So, here’s me asking you to kindly nominate me in the Best Book, Poetry or Writing Blog category.

To do so, simply click here:, enter your name and email and type in the space provided against category 19.

See? Simpler than ABC.

Nominations end October 13, 2013. So after you have nominated me, share with your friends and your enemies (they deserve the chance to nominate me too). Yes! Make me go right on to the next stage. Thank you 😀