Yes… No… Yes… No

But yes! I really do have a new job. Maybe not your conventional job, but it’s a job nonetheless.

Alright, this is it: I’m creating a new category in my blog- BOOK REVIEW. Boring, shey?

Now in this category, I’m simply going to be giving my opinion on books (of entirely any sort) I’ve read, not necessarily telling you what it is about, because I wouldn’t like for someone to tell me what a book was about before I read it. I like to feel my pulse race; I like to predict times without number what’s going to happen at an instance; I like to either applaud or rebuke the various characters (real or fictional) at the appropriate times.

I’ll start by reviewing three books I read at least two years ago, which I have scarcely opened since then, and are now safely tucked away in my library.

Soooooo, here goes:


This was the first ever Max Lucado book I read and owned. It was given to me as a birthday gift by a friend. She thought I had previously listed him as a favourite author. This book however catapulted me into Max Lucado’s world. I found his style of writing enthralling, his delivery fluid, and of course, the message pure for it is the word of God. The cover picture gives it a very nice packaging indeed. I very much like.

After reading this book, I was certain I would buy many more of his books in times to come. I have.

IN THE GRIP OF GRACE is about my best Max Lucado book yet. There’s a second one (which I would mention in a future review) that strongly contends with it.

Books number 2 and 3 would be coming up shortly.  I just changed my mind and would be posting them as independent updates instead.

I hope you’ll be back.

Chinazar Okoro©2012