I know Gbenga Awomodu.

He is one amongst the few Nigerian youths who believe in Nigeria.

With a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, and an impressive resume, Gbenga was posted to Benue State in June 2011, for the mandatory National Youth Service (NYSC).

Although his service year is over, Gbenga embarked on a project in Nongov, an interior community in Buruku local government area of Benue, that is deprived of the most basic of amenities. In Nongov, there is no form whatsoever of electricity; the people are in dire need of health care; women deliver their children on banana leaves, and their predicament is at best, pathetic.

Aside advocating for a Primary Health Centre, Gbenga has since spearheaded work on the site, carrying out research and consultations, mobilizing the community and seeking external support in order to build and equip a 10-room primary health centre.

Construction has begun, and although progress is slow, it is certain. Gbenga has dedicated a blog, thenongovproject to state explicitly and extensively, every work and fund that is going into this project, and to keep us abreast with its progress.

If for a moment you wondered how you could support, this is how:

A donation to:
Account Name: AWOMODU Olugbenga Akinsanya
Bank: Ecobank
Account Number: 0061802372

N.B: This is a project-specific account. Every donation will be acknowledged and duly accounted for.

For further enquiries concerning the project, kindly call 0803 335 4965 or 0802 582 0901, or send an e-mail to

I think for the sake of this sort of people, the whole concept of NYSC may be justified.

Gbenga blogs at Gbenga’s notebook and in his own words, we can change our world, one community at a time.

a classroom in the only school, Kings' Technology Academy

a classroom in the only school, Kings’ Technology Academy

Gbenga with the land donor

Gbenga with the land donor