My favourite phrase during the whole saga was “it is stalling progress.”

Desirous for a leap in my young life, I had drawn out a flexible schedule for the new year. The flexibility however did not allow for strikes of any form, so #OccupyNigeria was a new development.

It was quite interesting to note millions of Nigerians tag GEJ ‘clueless’, as a great percentage of them was just as clueless. Indeed, GEJ’s 2012 budget is heart-wrecking. It is simply inhumane! How on earth can a man summon courage of such magnitude to do that? How could he and his entire quartet even dare think fuel subsidy removal in the face of acquiring such looted possessions and wide-spread terrorism in the nation???

I strongly believe that big things start small, so you can imagine my gross annoyance when Gbadebo Onasanya repeatedly sent #OccupyNigeria broadcasts to me. He was a one-time assistant social secretary of PANS (Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students, UNILAG chapter), and the only thing he is remembered for achieving is getting funds for jobs that were never executed. What was more intriguing was how he got off with hardly any questioning. Of course, he later boasted to his roommates on how smart a boy he was. Gbadebo occupied Nigeria very well. He and his cohorts who embezzled PANS funds!!! Nigeria is deep-sunk in corruption it’s almost normal.

As I observed the protests gain momentum by the day, why was I convinced Nigeria was not ready for it? I watched on with mild suspense. It astounded me to hear people say Nigerians now had one voice, and were putting aside religious and ethnic differences. As for the pictures littering the internet of ‘christians’ ‘protecting’ muslims, I found both lame and pathetic, because after the elimination of a common enemy, would they not again turn against themselves?

Everyone knows Nigeria’s problem. But the solution??? Are we sure we are ready for the solution? It’s beyond protesting under the hot sun.

I was shocked international news bodies were buying into our ‘fight for freedom’ as they nicknamed it. I got reminded that no one can tell your story better than you. Where and when on earth did a nation-wide protest solve corruption when the placard-carrying individuals were themselves corrupt? We simply made international headlines. Fullstop.

Also of interest to me was that some of my friends said they are not of this world and do not function in this realm. Hmn! Word! However, they would live by the laws enforced by the people of this world.

No! I have no words for labour (nlC, tuC, etC.). Labour ko, labour ni. Hungry people.

While I admire those who risked their lives (at one point or the other in life, you should be able to believe in something enough to fight and lay down your life for it), it appears to me that those who died during the fuel subsidy episode (may their souls rest in peace), died in vain.

What do you think?

N.B: ‘Gbadebo Onasanya’ is NOT the real name of the PANS official.

P.S: Happy new year to you all. Our latter shall be greater than the former. AMEN.

Chinazar Okoro©2012