… Until Four Years Have Rolled By

Today marks the end of a dramatic month for me, and at this rate, December is not so far away.

I stopped my locum job at the end of January, and have been awaiting internship ever since. It seems like forever especially as I had allowed bouts of anxiety lace it. Well, it’s true – worry never made one’s hair longer or day brighter (not like I didn’t know before that the bible says not to worry, but sometimes bla bla bla). And miracles still happen whether or not we believe them to be the reason for those sudden uphill moments.

Whilst trusting God may be hard, it’s much harder not to trust Him. I wonder how atheists and agnostics get along with life. I don’t really care to know, anyways.

And what’s uber-special about February 29th except it won’t be until four years have rolled by. (Abeg leave that woman toasting man, aside).

The year can only get better, right?