The first time I heard of Teju Cole, it was through reading his fait divers (or small fates as he also calls them), and I was captivated by his style of writing.

After reading a couple of his fait divers, I truly wanted to stop because he only reported strictly bad news, but a part of me wanted to read just one more, and so I clicked away onto the next and then the next… and of course the next. Even Teju Cole is aware of this effect on his readers, and in his words, “something of the dark humour catches them.”

So when I came across Every Day Is For The Thief at The Hub media, my curiosity was aroused and I was expectant of a fabulous read.

Only a 128-page book, it took me forever to finish it… actually, just three weeks.

For starters, I cannot comprehend those ‘photocopied’ illustrations that ‘adorn’ some of the pages!

Then, there’s hardly a story line. The novella sorta felt like reading the bad news in a Nigerian tabloid. I should have known, right? But I find the title very catchy.

After reading Every Day is For The Thief, I didn’t look forward to purchasing his first novel Open City published in 2011, but we all know the hype surrounding it: nominated for The National Book Critics Circle for Best Fiction, and more importantly, winner of the 2012 Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award for a distinguished first book of fiction. Open City, therefore, is now also listed on my to-get book list.

Chinazar Okoro©2012