I’ve usually wondered why people like to get ahead of time, and what the rush is to get to the next phase. I never understood it when some of my classmates in our first year in the university expressed their craving for being in final year. Their lamentations usually sounded in this sort, “I just can’t wait to get out of this school,” as though what they had fervently fasted and prayed for had become a plague. Sometimes, they simply craved getting married. This usually arose after attending a grand wedding ceremony, or beholding a picturesque couple.

Now, it’s that time of the year when people begin their countdown to the New Year. They count down in days, hours, minutes, and yes, one of my friends counts down in seconds. He never fails to update social networks with the new development hourly.

So, I’ve wondered what it is about January 1. Is it the time of the year when the sun shines brightest, or when all the fairy godmothers are released to grant wishes? When I was much younger, I reserved the New Year to repent of all my sins. At eight years old, I think my resolution was to stop sucking my right thumb by the New Year. I also remember the New Year eve I promised my brother to always wash his plates after his meals (we were all required to wash our individual plates). My resolution then was to become a good better sister, but I never got past the first week of the New Year, so for that year I remained good.

I’ve got a hang on the concept of the countdown. We want a fresh start to become that person; to do that thing; to drop that habit; start that business; go that mile… blah blah blah, and you see, that’s really good!!!

But here’s the catch- We build so much expectation for the New Year, that we let the out-going year lie fallow. We just want to get into the New Year, for therein we believe, awaits our miracle. That’s the same reason we want to get to the next phase of our lives- the staunch belief that it would be better than our present. In many instances, we skip the sine qua non… we fail to prepare for that next phase. We only countdown to it. I wonder how people feel when the sun doesn’t shine any brighter on January 1, or the fairy godmother lost the map. They probably await another December to re-countdown.

So here’s the chain reaction—>—>—> Rush to leave school, rush to acquire other degrees, rush to get married, rush to have kids, rush to have them leave home, rush to see them get married, rush to carry your grand kids… At this point, it looks like the grave is the only place left to rush to.

Perhaps, if we spent more time working on our present, we would lead a better future, and our miracles may just come forth. Everyday is a good day to take on a resolution. A New Year would not take away a man’s challenges. It would only present them in a new date.

It doesn’t strike me as wise to crave/ desperately desire what would eventually be yours.

Take a chill pill, relax, and make each day count as it goes by. You are never gonna be this young again. There’s no need to rush to the grave. It’ll come anyway!

Chinazar Okoro©2011