BREAKING BOUNDARIES …when responsibility comes knocking

I guess it’s okay to look the senior registrar or even the consultant in the face, and blurt out confidently during 500-level ward rounds, “Sir, we weren’t taught!!!”

Alright, maybe we weren’t so brazen about it, but we certainly made sure the doctors understood that we, pharmacy students had to cram a lot within a short space of time that there was hardly time enough to actually learn, and so jutifiably, we had forgotten what we were taught only two years ago. You see, it’s even a standing joke that Pharmacy students graduate with two degrees- B. Pharm. and B. Cram.

But tell me, how do you explain that to a mother seeking the best medication for her ailing infant? Or to a diabetic hypertensive who wants to know the contraindications when he’s also taking antihistamines? Who cares if there was a faculty debate as to whether or not the curriculum needed to be changed?

So, I’ve sat down at work, my serious demeanor not giving away my beat-skipping heart when a Queens English-speaking executive walks in briskly and asks to see the Pharmacist. Once or twice, I nearly turned to the only other person around (the salesgirl) for help when the patient presented a mind-boggling case. She looked back at me blandly, afterall I was the professional. Now, I sit back armed with British National Formulary, Emdex, and Pharmaceutical applications run on my smartphone.

Well, the cliché goes: Practice makes perfect; and only two days ago I and my friends had a wonderful time laughing our heads off over our experiences at community practice.

There’s hardly a community pharmacy (in Idi-Araba and its environs) where my classmates are not slugging it out.

To us all, I say THUMBS UP. We are sure meeting at the top.