No matter how I turn my face away

I still hear it

The echoes only get louder

And I can’t block my ears to its sound.

No matter the distance I walk

I still hear the thud of its footsteps

Like a shadow

Ever so loyally

It follows.

I can still hear the mock in their voices

Oh! The sneer on their faces

Preacher?!… their looks accuse

The hurt is as fresh as new wine

The picture ever so green

The scene repeats itself

Again and again and again


Eating up at my heart.

“God?!,” I scream in utter frustration

God’s everywhere

Still I grope in this present darkness

Seeking to find

Straining to hear Him speak

Every thought is clamouring for attention

And so many voices are speaking… screaming

I can’t see, can’t hear, can’t decide

I’m losing it.

With every ounce of strength in me

With every will

Maybe my very last breath

I break loose finally from it all

And in a flash of stillness

I listen… I hear

The Voice persists,


Chinazar Okoro©2009