A lot has been happening. Most include getting angry at my project supervisor.  My partner says he lacks the ability to multitask. I fear she’s right!!! I was the first to start project, now I’ll be the last to finish.  My siblings have not stopped asking me if ‘na me be the first to do project’, to which I humbly answer “YES!” Really, what can I say more about this project ‘ish’, but that “I thank Thee.”

If I was busy, I’m about to get busier. But I’m sure, never too busy to get done the things that should be done. 24 hours would never be enough. I hear my Lord say unto me, “Wisdom is the principal thing, child. Get it.”

Stuffs would be coming up soon, but first, I need to get rid of the emotions.

I will be patiently awaiting your visit.