She watched the looming shape in front of them. They had been following it for a few minutes and every time they tried to pass, it belched smoke and caused them to retreat.

She saw herself fall.

She saw her head go under the tires and her brains splat all over the road. She saw her heart leap from its confines and land amidst the rubbish by the roadside. She saw her blood mingle with the dust and her innards spread out like a biology lesson.

She could barely feel her heart. She could only feel the wetness in her palm where she had drawn blood.

Nnamdi throttled his motorcycle in defiance of the trailer in front of him. Which kain bad belle be this? He had just come out of the mechanic’s and this was his first fare. Get off the road, wahala. Allow people pass, wahala. He was not going to spend all day behind this idiot driver.

She watched in slow motion as they moved forward to pass. Her eyes widened in horror as the big bulk did a sideway dance.

Nnamdi sighed with relief. That was a lucky escape. He looked back at his passenger with a reassuring smile. She wasn’t there.

Enajite Efemuaye©2013

Enajite expresses her thoughts on love and friendship, pictures and the things that matter to her through (very) short stories. She’s the brain behind One Word More

Follow her on twitter: @jyte12


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