So, there’s this thing called the LIEBSTER AWARD…

… that madam Itunu gave unto me. Ese, my dear.

I’m supposed to list 11 random facts about me. Here goes:

1. I love my space. Give me electricity (to charge my laptop and blackberry), internet and food, and I can stay on my bed a full week without moving an inch. Okay okay, I exaggerate a little, but I am very much a homebody.

2. I love orderliness. It’s very evident in everything I do- the way I write (my handwriting, that is), and how I arrange my space. In my years in school when I shared rooms, visitors could IMMEDIATELY tell what part of the room was mine. The difference was distinct!

3. I’m very tolerant. I surprise myself even. I don’t take out my anger on people, and it annoys me to no ends when people take out their anger on me (especially when i’m not related to the cause of their anger).

4. I love reading, and I am building a library already for my children. When I was much younger, it used to intrigue me when friends brought old books (dated some thirty years prior), and said it was from a parent’s library (usually a box filled with books). When we (my siblings and I) were growing up, my parents invested a lot on books on us. I don’t think they were quite extensive readers because we were blessed with only a number of old books from them.

When I was in 200L, a guy in his 500L told me that since entering university, he had invested at least N200,000 on books, and that he never borrowed books.

You see, I’m quite a learner… So, since my 200L, I need a book, I buy it! 😀

5. I love children. They are divine. However, I love to handle them one at a time, and at most two. In my church, I stay with the children one Sunday in a month, and it’s a very hectic time for me. Just give me one cute baby and let us live together happily ever after.

One of my friends thinks it’s odd that I have never changed a diaper in my life even though I know how to. Do you think it is?

6. I was born and bred in Lagos…and can’t still understand Yoruba. I sincerely wonder why people think it odd. Kini big deal? You see, for the majority of my life, I lived in a compound of fourteen flats and fourteen Igbo families.

I didn’t attend yorubatic schools. So I couldn’t have learnt Yoruba in school. In Yoruba Language, I used to dash them F9, or E8 when I wanted to be nice!

I am serving in a Primary Health Centre, and the women there have vowed that I must learn Yoruba before the end of my service year. Amen.

Yeah, it’s been two weeks and i’ve learnt two extra words- laaro and laale. Take your paracetamol, two in the morning, two at night. I haven’t  been able to figure out ‘afternoon’ yet. Since ‘good afternoon’ is ekaso, maybe the one for afternoon should be laaso. Genius thinking? *pattingmyback*

7. I very easily sense a change in people’s mood, even when they try to conceal it. e.g. when someone gets offended by what somebody else says in a conversation, and probably tries to waive it off with a laugh.

8. I have never watched any series in my life. Thinking about all the time I would spend totally puts me off. I’m quite picky about movies too. If a movie is not Indian, it should not be over 2 hours, IMHO.

I carried last in watching Django Unchained. Still haven’t watched Avatar. Still haven’t watched Avengers. Hopefully will before the end of the year.

9. I have beautiful handwriting and ALWAYS use beautiful pens. I kind of miss note-copying in class. My notes were renowned in school, and were definitely more famous than I was. It was common sight to see people with whom I had never spoken with handling photocopies of my notes.

To complete the package, I have beautiful hands and beautiful fingernails. Usually, I take out time to admire my handwriting.

10. Good talkers impress me. I could listen for days. I hate it when guys speak bad English when toasting especially. It’s so unfair.

11. I have a lively conscience. God is the only reason why I’m sane a number of times. No, I’m not naturally insane sef or wild. God is just the reason why I won’t show some people the pepper they deserve.

Jara- I love playing games, word puzzle, car-racing and fighting ones especially. I love Caprisonne orange and all things Lucozade.

So madam Itunu has 11 questions for me. I told her I didn’t like her questions, but bring ’em on still:

1. Which do you prefer, fire or water? Please prove your point. You can use superhero analysis if you like.

I prefer water. I’d rather be in water than in fire; Rather savour the soothing feel of water than the seering one of fire.

2. What part of your physical features define you and give reason?

I really don’t think there’s any one part that defines me. They all work together 😀

3. What part of your physical features exposes you to the world?

Errrrrrr *cleanssweatoffforehead* There’s this thing I learnt in primary school- When you don’t know the answer to a question, move on. NEXT!

4. If you were to die today, what would be your death wish?

To live till old age 😀

5. If your house was on fire and you were only allowed to pick three things, what would they be?

Hmmmm, I definitely cannot pick only 3 things oooo. Simply impossicant!

6. Would you die for a cause you believe in?

Why die when you can live? The causes I believe in require life, my dear. I can die for those causes when I’m 90 😀

7. Where else in the world do you want to be apart from your current location?

Let’s keep this question simple. Let’s just say the USA.

8. What music defines you? And why?

Rock baby, rock. Simply because rock rocks.

Rock instantly gets me. My favourite artistes are Mikeschair, Aaron Shust, Matthew West, Casting Crowns, Anthem Lights, and a host of others.

9. Do you still believe in Love?

Love as in romantic love? Well, yeah. I’m usually suspicious when guys profess love. It usually makes me want to burst out in laughter. Sometimes, I’m tempted to tell them in my sexiest Igbo accent, “Nna, leave that thing.”

10. Why do you blog?

Simply for the times when I write stories. Before I started blogging, I had just two stories to my credit. Since blogging, I’ve added several others.

Also, it’ll be interesting for me to come back here when I’m 50 to read these same posts. Reading comments, getting hits and shares on the site just makes it all the more worthwhile.


According to the rules of this certain Liebster award, the 11th point is to nominate some other bloggers and have them write about themselves and answer questions from me. But you see, I’m doing this  at 2.21a.m. and I have gofament work to go to later today. So I’ll pass on that one.

So, see you in my next post.


7 thoughts on “So, there’s this thing called the LIEBSTER AWARD…

  1. Deolu A. says:

    …wouldn’t it have been ironic if ‘orange’ Chinazar liked ‘dark’ drinks like Coca-Cola, instead of ‘orange’ drinks like “Caprisonne orange” and “all things Lucozade”? *runs away*
    *stops briefly* DIGGING this theme Mademoiselle! *continues running*

    • Chinazar says:

      Loooool… Deolu, my love for coke is extreme. I’m usually very tempted when I see a chilled bottle of coke. But somehow, I didn’t include it in the post.

  2. yeye geh!!! ku ise ooo u hear!!skipping like 60-70% of my question thinking you’re smart abi…don’t worry, i’ll get you..lool
    as for your random 11, yea, i concur..hehehe…sha be lauding urself there..loool..
    and for the record babe, it’s e ka san..good afternoon, for drug instructions, it’s lo san…u try small,so ure good to go..wink#

  3. Mexzy says:

    Lol @**nna leave that thing**…
    Nwyz, anoda interesting write-up sha…

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