How do you feel when you look at the mirror and your massive head stares right back at you?

How many times have you wondered why pimples are having a nationwide conference on your face. If only those pimples would let you choose where they’d meet, you’d gladly let them have your entire back for free, in stead of your face.

How many times have you wished you were just slightly taller? Or that you were not so fat that everybody called you fatty bom bom? Or so slim they called you thinny kpelenge?

How many times have you stared at the exquisite magazines and wished you were only half as beautiful as the models, with the stunning figure 8… and okay, if you cannot get the figure 8, at least, something close to it.

How many times have you stared and stared and stared at the mirror, only to have a well-rounded belly wink at you instead of 6-packs, despite all your working out?

For how long will you blame your mum for being so short, that you had to inherit her genes? Or your dad for being so dark… black even? And them both for marrying each other? It’s all because of them you are the way you are.

Why is your hair so short and scanty?
Why is your smile crooked and ugly?
Why are your teeth stained?
Why are you so hairy?
Why are the buttocks absent?
Where are the hips?
Where are the biceps?
Why are the fats accumulating in all the wrong places?

The list of imperfections is inexhaustible…

No, I’m not about to encourage you; just wanted to say that everyone’s got imperfections.

Chinazar Okoro©2013


5 thoughts on “imPerFEctIOnS

  1. saga says:

    😀 9ce one…tho some of us hv more dan odaz bt God dey ( ._.)

  2. oluwatosin Fatungase says:

    Its true, we all have imperfections as it seems, but we are made in God’s image.Therefore, we are perfect.Chinazar,your article is on point.

  3. sugarspring says:

    Beautifful imperfectns to humble us and bbring uus to our knees..
    I think u shd have a collectn or book filled wit ur short stories…
    U write well krazan#wink

  4. Ijeoma says:

    Yh , I agree wit u, no one has got it all

  5. princess says:

    Nice one Krazan…( Was gonna shorten it to ‘krazy” but then it’ll be taken cor “crazy”.mlol) personally I just thank God I learnt to love myself from an early age..hell, I’ve got a scattered dentition I still sport till now..loool…
    All in all..its about time we started learning to work with those things we term “imperfections” cos sometimes the things ladies most of all complain abt as imperfections are just absurd..small bum, big bum..small boobs, big boobs..I don’t get it..if ur a lady and no boobs @ all ehen..then u have a right to talk..
    Neways nice 1..from ur

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