Chinazar In Fiction

I’ve had enough bus experiences to fill the chapters of a book, but this one here trumps them all.

Two Mondays ago, I was on my way to work, and I was looking forward to a happy week. I had forgiven everyone who offended me the previous week- the man with the ego that needed to be deflated, the woman with the cheeks that needed to be slapped, the lady with the mouth that needed to be shut. Them all, I had forgiven.

So I boarded a BRT from Obalende that was Oshodi-bound. I settled into a seat just by the window, and plugged my ears with an earpiece. The music filtered into my soul and had me swaying my head gently. There must have been a smile on my face as a woman with her baby smiled at me before taking her seat next to mine.

The woman was young, could not have been much older than I, and beautiful, despite the nonchalant way her hair was done. As soon as she settled the infant on her laps, she began to twirl her tiny fingers around themselves. She looked at her mother, and let out a laugh. She was dressed in pink and white, her hair full and glistening with baby oil, and when she smiled at me, it was the very picture of innocence… of cuteness.

I am not the sort who readily takes to strangers, or chit-chats with random people in public transport, but I could not resist the urge to carry this child, especially as her mother seemed overwhelmed with the task of carrying all that luggage by herself. I knew she needed a break to rest. So I offered, stretching my arms after complimenting her baby, “may I carry her?”

She gratefully obliged, and told me how obedient her baby was even as a 10-month old, hardly ever crying at night, and sensitive to her environment. I responded by telling her how lucky she was. She smiled. The baby laid comfortably on my laps, all her fingers wrapped around my left thumb.

As the bus pulled to a stop, passengers scrambled to get off. Two men separated the young mother with her two large bags, and me. I got off the bus, and planned to tell her again how beautiful her baby was, and how she was such a blessing…

But she was nowhere in sight! I became a little panicky, until I saw the big brown bag, the one that had all the baby things- pampers, feeding bottles, and the like. I moved over and waited, my eyes scanning the area for the beautiful woman with the untidy hair.

It took me ten minutes to realize I would not see her again. I would not see the beautiful woman with the untidy hair.

It was 7.30a.m on a Monday morning, and I was stuck with another woman’s child.

Chinazar Okoro©2012


13 thoughts on “Chinazar In Fiction

  1. fikunmi says:

    Sticky situation u hav got there!! Nice write-up tho! ^_^

  2. princess says:

    This is a good read..I started smiling from d beginning..especially d part where the writer explains the character as one who isn’t open 2 chit chats with my mind I’m like dats Krazan 4 u ( was gonna say Krazy, its funny how d shortenend form of krazan doesn’t exactly pass on the right message, if u know what I mean :-D).. Well before I begin over yarn..nice one..want to see d remaining.. 😀

  3. saga says:

    Haha…are u 4 real?congrats o…ur now a mother…loool

  4. rhythzy says:

    U v got to b kidding…tell me twas sm1else it happened mama ke…lol…nyc fiction doe *wink*

  5. funmilola says:

    Awesome,‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ man with ‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ ego part?…hilarious… U̶̲̥̅̊ nid τ̲̅ȍ hear some oda awkward experiences on buses. Enjoyd ur episodes. Looking forward τ̲̅ȍ more! Keep Ȋ̝̊̅† up!

  6. ifedolapo says:

    hey hey chinazar you have become a baby mama buy fire by force. i wish you all the best. so what name would you give to her?

  7. oyintiwa says:

    Serious….so wat did u do wit d baby. Chi for a moment tot it was real. Nice piece!

  8. d2alphame says:

    “The man with the ego that needs to be deflated…” I work with one in my office. Yesterday I wished I had a scimitar to rip that ego apart with.
    Also… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mama Risika. May God bless the baby for you!!!
    But seriously, could God be talking to you through that experience?

  9. Deolu A. says:

    Bon bon BON!! Kudos ma! *idǫbalę*

  10. jamesolawaye says:

    Forced adoption! LOL!=))

  11. ucheanne says:

    I enjoyed this. Loved the ending especially.

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