We sat in the bus, young and old, fat and thin, mother with her toddlers, young man in his dapper suit… The silence was familiar. Everyone was minding their business, until the man with the crutches cried out, “Driver is your bus good? Why is it jerking? And it is so slow like a locomotive train.” This let out a torrent of pent-up grudges as other passengers rebuked both driver and conductor.

Although the sun was scorching, rain drops soon settled on the windscreen setting the wipers into motion. In a short while, the roads were flooded, and vehicles splashed murky water on unfortunate pedestrians. Everyone grumbled- lagos rains!

The locomotive-train bus made it through to our destination. The lady with the jelly rubber slippers and matching umbrella stepped out smartly into the rain. A young man with a large bag went next and was immediately drenched as he raced to his next bus.

I sighed as the rain spewed on relentlessly. I had forgotten to carry rubber slippers and braced myself to wade in the murky waters with my beautiful sandals. I flipped out my tiny umbrella and stepped into the rain.

Two men huddled close with their heads already in the umbrella, “can I please share your umbrella?”

Chinazar Okoro©2012


5 thoughts on “LAGOS RAINS

  1. dumebi Kuteyi says:

    I like your writing and its progression. I believe you will make a excellent writer. I searched for your concluding lines of the Lagos Rain- but didn’t get to view it. Hope to see it soon.

    Keep it up

  2. Deolu A. says:

    Oh Mademoiselle, I feel sorry! At least PLEASE make me feel better for you by telling me the men WEREN’T fatter than you?! PLEASE OH!!
    Good one, as usual.

  3. oyintiwa says:

    Choi… ur tiny umbrella! Nice one Chi…..

  4. bamsky says:

    can I share ur ‘umbrella’ too pretty lady?

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