There is a story in every person…
That little boy hawking cashew nuts
That woman selling sweets by the roadside
The magnate driving in the Hummer Jeep
It’s a potential bestselling autobiography
if written by Chinua Achebe
A probable chart-topping biopic
if directed by Tunde Kelani
That secondary school teacher who taught you years ago
The beggar who tugged desperately at your shirt last week
The bus conductor that refused to accept your mutilated note yesterday
The pretty lady with whom you exchanged the briefest of glances as you walked by the market this morning…
and who you were sure you would never see again.
There is a tale in every human being
It could keep you captivated for hours, ruminating for days
Just look into the eyes… and sense the saga borne by that life
A story of pain, joy, discomfort, salvation, suffering, victory… an endless list
Appreciate the story in every one.

Emeka Okoro©2010

Today, July 20, is specially reserved to celebrate a remarkable young man, Chukwuemeka Okoro.
Happy birthday, brother.


3 thoughts on “EVERY PERSON

  1. tolu says:

    Happy birthday emeka!! Its my younger brothers birthday too

  2. Chinaza says:

    I love this, the poem.
    Happy birthday Emeka.

  3. oyintiwa says:

    Aww…….dis is so nice! *sniffs*

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