One day in nursery two, aunty Agatha, my class teacher asked us to put our heads on the table and sleep for no just cause. Now, that was/ is not uncommon practice. “Maka gini?,” my young mind pondered however.

“Oya, start sleeping,” she commanded. Even then, I knew she & uncle Niyi (primary 1 teacher) had a crush for each other. So whilst they waited for us to settle into sleep mode, I waited for them too. Yes ke! Who were they kidding? Oh, and I made sure also that Funmi, my best friend waited with me for it is never good to be guilty alone 😀


4 thoughts on “NURSERY 2

  1. saga says:

    Lool…tru yarns

  2. jamesolawaye says:

    A young criminal mind. I wonder what the contents of such a mind wud be. Lol.

  3. d2alphame says:

    HAAAA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! you should be punished for this “crime”. So, what did Aunty Agatha and Uncle Niyi do while you guys slept?

  4. d2alphame says:

    I’m definitely sharing…

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