The Conversation

*phone ringing at 10p.m.*
How are you?
How was your day?
What have you been up to?
Nothing much
Have you eaten?
What did you have for dinner?
Ehen. See enjoyment. So when did you have it?
Not too long ago
So how nao? Talk to me
*cracks dry joke*
*gives false hysteric laughter*
I’m on my bed right now, about to sleep
*rolls eyes* Alright, goodnight
Ok, I just said lemme hear your voice
Ok, thank you
Bye bye

It’s really okay to have this kind of discussion, but please let it remain once in a green moon.

Yes, you are a guy and you really must call that girl, but please try and think of something useful and intelligent to say to her. Also, please don’t try and be Basketmouth the comedian.

Disclaimer: No, it’s not me. It’s my friend that HATES this thing.


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