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If you happen to have read any of the books that feature, do let me know what you think.


It’s absolutely coincidental that the first three books I decided to feature are the first of the authors that I read. However, HE LOVES ME! unlike the previous two books is the ONLY book of Wayne Jacobsen I have ever come across despite searching renowned bookstores.

Now, I had never even heard of Wayne, but then I go to Edysyl bookshop and there his book lies solo amidst Max Lucados, Myles Munroes, Kenneth Copelands, Joyce Meyers… and his title isn’t even catchy either!

I mean ‘everyone’ knows what love is, and since he is obviously a Christian writer, we don’t need an interpreter as to what the book is about: JESUS CHRIST LOVES US! Kpom kwem.

As I flip through this book, I love the lines I see. They are well-crafted. Even though I’ve long known Jesus loves me, I wanted to read how Wayne would tell it to me. And then the cover-back of the book is not usual, it’s slightly velvety and sweet to hold.

Truth is many people don’t know how Jesus loves them. They just know He loves them because aunty Bisi, their Sunday school teacher made them recite John 3:16 every week, so they just know.

When I became the Bible Study Secretary of a student fellowship in my university days, I made sure to share with my unit members what I had learned from this book. In fact, it was our very first study for the year.

Wayne taught that you don’t have to mention ‘satan’ and ‘hell fire’ in the message of Salvation.

What better way to end this post than with the message?


Chinazar Okoro©2012


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