It was three years ago that you came into my life. You were everything I wanted and everyone around wanted a piece of you. Over the years, you went from being top-notch to being a rejected stone. Not once did the rejection emanate from me, for I cherished you… and dearly too… and you never disappointed.
I’ve watched you age gracefully, your ebony black skin flattered with embroidery of grey, and your visage as that of a sage.
The things you taught me, the songs we sang, the games we played, the pictures we took. Oh, the moments only time captured. I reminisce with nostalgic ecstasy even though you are still with me.
Seest thou a faithful phone? It shall stand before iPhones, androids and blackberry(s).
Happy 3rd birthday to you, my NOKIA 6120c.


15 thoughts on “ONE FAITHFUL THING

  1. Ngozi obettah says:

    Nice one Nazar, but i feel u sha! U’re also a faithful owner.

  2. Cool!

    Reminds me of how Emeka kept waiting for me to rest my Nokia 2300 which was 5.5years old last year, so he could claim the ‘Methuselah’ prize with his own old Nokia phone too. He still showed me the phone before we left Lagos for NYSC camp this year.

    Guess you my Nokia phone post already:

  3. oyintiwa says:

    Lol….dat was such a nice piece for dat ur long time gadget. We will miss it even if am so happy dat uve finally gotten over d palacious sometin called phone.Happy Birthday phone cuz u deserve it.

  4. bamise says:

    well crafted, thot twas a tribute to an animate thing, but u’v got 2 get anoda pickin u know…BBB5

  5. Adetutu says:

    Really luvly piece…the phone must be proud of you!

  6. Ngozi obettah says:

    Hmm.. Nazar, dat one deserves more dan dis nah. U know wat i mean lol

  7. poluyi says:

    Nazar nne!! Tears in my eyes! iLike!

  8. pinkheights says:

    u no dey oooo!!!> ur fone has yet seen better days

  9. Oreolujasmine says:

    that device??

  10. tolu says:

    I suppose I should feel ashamed now abi?? Well I don’t! *tongue out*

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