There were protagonists, antagonists and only a few waka-pass that made the Faculty of Pharmacy not slightly melodramatic. This is one of those times when I can’t explain how five years sped by. It’s indeed true- TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE.

My friend, Ebun, nicely put it this way, “We’ve come to that stage when life throws you to the next phase whether or not you are prepared.”

We still have strings attached to school work via project, or one/two other things. But rightly so, they are strings!

Yesterday, the excitement was palpable. College of Medicine knew that Pharmacy final year students had

finished their exams. Status updates upon status updates littered social networks. The gratitude to God was overwhelming.

To my classmates, Rx ’11, CONGRATULATIONS. We Rock… Rock We… and YES WE CAN.

The curtain closes… for only a while to set the stage for the last scene…


5 thoughts on “THE CURTAIN CLOSES

  1. Deolu says:

    Congratulations ma! Time indeed waits for no man…but memories do, and sure you have plenty to cherish, some to laugh over, and others to learn from!
    Congrats again! The next phase eagerly awaits you…

  2. Congrats, Chinazar! Welcome to the world ‘outside the four walls’. 🙂

  3. Congrats Chi 🙂 Many more achievements in Jesus’ name.

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